Pure Beeswax Bar

Pure Beeswax Bar

$ 4.00

New product coming soon. It's almost time to start cleaning our wax cappings from the year and melt them down into pure beeswax bars. We'll update inventory as soon as we have clean wax to sell.

Pure beeswax direct from our hives. Cappings wax from organically managed beehives in Seattle and King County. Cappings wax is the highest quality wax, perfect for use in skin and body care products.

The beeswax has been filtered to ensure the end product is pure and suitable for use in candles, cosmetics, wood working, or any beeswax use. We do not use any synthetic chemicals/pesticides or antibiotics in our hives.

Available in 1 oz bars and 1 lb bricks. Beeswax is a natural product, and color will vary.

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