We use the word neighborhood a lot because we want you to know what "local" means to us. It means if you live in this neighborhood, these bees were probably in your backyard.

This season, Rainy Day Bees has hives in Shoreline and North Seattle, and we are always expanding. Our current neighborhoods include:

Shoreline: Richmond Highlands, Richmond Beach and Ridgecrest.

Seattle: Pinehurst, Victory Heights and Broadview.

You may wonder if honeys from neighborhoods so close together actually taste differently, and the answer is a most emphatic yes!  At our farmer's market stand, people can't believe how unique each honey is, even when tasting two honeys harvested at the exact same time. Whether you are looking for local honey to help your seasonal allergies, want to support local bees or just enjoy the taste of honey from your neighbor's backyard, we are excited to introduce you to our bee's version of local.

Want to taste the difference for yourself?  Pick up a couple jars from our Honey page and have it shipped straight to your door, or come visit us at the Shoreline Farmer's Market.

Seattle Neighborhood Honeys at Shoreline Farmer's Market

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