Beginning Beekeeping Class Series
Beginning Beekeeping Class Series
Beginning Beekeeping Class Series

Beginning Beekeeping Class Series

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Our Beginning Beekeeping class booking is finished for 2022. Check back this fall/winter for spring 2023 dates!

Wanting to start beekeeping? This is where to start. Whether you are preparing to get honeybees, or you got them last year and are realizing there so much to learn, this small group hands-on series is for you. We believe the best way to learn is in small class sizes with lots of hands on time. Join us for this three class series where you will dive into managing backyard beehives with a teacher with 35+ backyard apiaries and 10+ years experience.

The series includes:

  • Intro to Honeybees Classroom Day: March 5, 1-5pm
    • Honey bee lifecycle and biology, beekeeping terminology, and introduction to the beekeeping season.
  • Intro to Beekeeping Classroom Day: March 12, 1-5pm
    • Learn the beekeeping year, and practice an inspection on a mock hive.
  • Hands-On Field Class: April 2, 1-4pm
    • Get in a beehive and walk through a detailed inspection, learning what to look for and how to handle the bees.
  • Optional Add-On Field Class
    • Practice is key in beekeeping! Add-on attendance at our field day at our hives in Carnation where you will get to work on your inspection skills with many beehives.

We keep our class sizes small (maximum 8 people) so that we can give appropriate attention to every student. Our goal is for you to succeed in your beekeeping endeavor, and we believe that the only way to do that is by working in small groups, teaching through both classroom time and hands-on field work with actual bees.

While we strongly recommend participating in both of the field days, we understand that it may not be possible for everyone to get out to Carnation for the second day, and have split this off into its own separate, optional component. But once again, we strongly encourage you to think of the Carnation field day as being necessary, if there is any possible way for you to do it!

Need Bees? Don't forget to purchase one or two nucleus hives on this page with your classes at a discount!

About your instructor:

Peter has been keeping bees in Seattle backyards for over ten years. In that time, he has grown from 1 hive to 200 beehives, managing hives in 35+ backyards in King County and leading a team of beekeepers. A skilled educator, he has developed the Rainy Day Bees apprenticeship program, taught classes for the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association and schools around Seattle, as well as offer 1:1 coaching sessions. Peter loves the science, biology, and mechanics of beekeeping, and sharing everything he learns with others.

Classes include:

  • Two 3-4 hour classroom sessions in Shoreline learning about urban beekeeping, bee biology, beekeeping terminology, mechanics of beekeeping, etc. (and most importantly, how to keep your bees alive!)
  • One 3 hour hands-on group class with our bees in Shoreline
  • Rainy Day Bees own Introduction to Beekeeping guide.
  • An experienced beekeeper you can call with questions, and a Facebook group for you and other students to talk bees on throughout the year (Rainy Day Bees will check in too!)
  • optional add-on: 1 additional field class in Carnation, working multiple hives individually or in pairs, and overseen by Peter. Hands on time is critical for learning beekeeping, so we highly recommend this addition. Dates listed are weather dependent. If changes are necessary, we will reschedule for the earliest possible date that all participants can attend.
  • 15% discount on consultations at your hives with Rainy Day Bees
Class Dates:
  • Classroom Day 1: March 5, 1-5pm (max length)
  • Classroom Day 2: March 12, 1-5pm (max length)
  • Shoreline Field Class: April 2,  (1-3pm, weather dependent; if canceled, will reschedule for the earliest possible date that all participants can attend)
  • Optional Carnation Field Class: Saturday April 30 (weather and nucleus hive pickup schedule dependent. If class must be rescheduled, will reschedule for the earliest date that works for all participants)

    Things to Know:

    • Field class dates are weather dependent.
    • Before the class, you'll receive recommendations for what equipment you will need to purchase in order to be prepared for your bees.
      • You will need to provide your own protective equipment for field classes. We have suits and gloves available to rent if necessary.
    • Class will focus on beekeeping in Langstroth hives.
    • You can order bees (nucleus hives) from Rainy Day Bees at a discount on this form with your classes!
    • Cancellation Policy: Cancel up to two weeks ahead of your first class for a 50% refund.
    • Have any questions? Email us!
    • COVID-19 POLICY (subject to change based on city/county/state pandemic rules, or changing conditions of the pandemic): Participants will need to be masked for all indoor/classroom sessions. Indoor sessions will be either in our greenhouse in Shoreline, WA, or in our shop, depending on the state of construction in our shop. Both will have ample ventilation, and heaters. But do dress warmly or in layers.

      Masking policy for outdoor/field sessions will be flexible, depending on the comfort level of the group. If anyone feels strongly about everyone needing to mask outside, then we will all mask. Most outdoor time can be spent reasonably distanced.


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