Backyard Beekeeping Classes

$ 120.00 $ 150.00

We are excited to be offering this in-depth beekeeping class for  2020! 

Need Bees? This class comes with a $20 discount code for our nucleus hives

About your instructor:

Peter has been keeping bees in Seattle backyards for ten years. In that time, he has been the apiary manager for the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, has served on PSBA's board, and has grown his personal apiary from one hive to over one hundred. Peter loves the science, biology, and mechanics of beekeeping.

Classes include:

  • Two 4-hour classroom sessions in Shoreline learning about urban beekeeping, bee biology, beekeeping terminology, mechanics of beekeeping, etc. (and most importantly, how to keep your bees alive!)
  • One 2-hour hands-on group class with our bees in Shoreline
  • A beekeeper you can call with questions
  • Level 2 optional add-on: 2 additional field classes in Carnation, working multiple hives individually or in pairs. Hands on time is critical for learning beekeeping, so we highly recommend this addition. Dates listed are weather dependent. If changes are necessary, we will reschedule for the earliest possible date that all participants can attend.
  • Level 3 optional add-on: Two in-person one-on-one sessions at your hives. Two ideas of when you might want help: during your initial hive install and assistance testing your hive for mites and prepping for winter. But, schedule them for whenever you need them! (Additional mileage charged for travel more than 30 minutes from Shoreline in reasonable traffic)

Class Dates:

  • Book Class 1: February 9, 1-5pm (max length)
  • Book Class 2: February 23, 1-5pm (max length)
  • Group In-Hive Class: March 8-22 (1-3pm, weather dependent, will schedule the earliest possible date that all participants can attend)
  • Optional Level 2 Class 1: Sunday March 29 (weather dependent)
  • Optional Level 2 Class 2: Saturday April 4 (weather dependent)
  • Optional Level 3 classes: Whenever you want them!

    Things to Know:

    • Before the class, you'll receive recommendations for what equipment you will need to be prepared for your bees.
    • You will need to provide your own protective equipment for beekeeping sessions. We have a limited number of suits available to rent if necessary
    • Class will focus on beekeeping in Langstroth hives.
    • You can order bees from Rainy Day Bees! (We'll send you a $20 discount code once you've signed up for the class)
    • Cancellation Policy: Cancel up to two weeks ahead of your first class for a 50% refund.
    • Have any questions? Email us!

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