Board Butter

$ 10.00

Wood conditioning cream made from beeswax a blend of beeswax and oil. Options are available for mineral or seed oils.

Our board butter will keep your cutting boards, wooden spoons and other utensils moisturized and looking fresh for years of use.

Instructions for use:

Smear the board butter over your cutting board or wooden utensil. Let sit for a couple hours or overnight. In the morning, wipe and then buff off with a soft cloth. When the wood starts looking dry (usually after a month or more), reapply.

If your board/utensil is very dry to start with, or if the board butter isn't lasting for a month before needing reapplication, we recommend rubbing oil into the wood before the board butter is applied in order to provide extra moisture to the deeper parts of the wood that the board butter will not easily reach. If this step is necessary, simply rub the oil over the wood, allow the wood to absorb the oil (I let it sit overnight), dry the wood, and proceed to use the board butter as normal.

Liquid oil is available as an add-on to your board butter order.

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