Honey Bee Queens

$ 35.00 $ 40.00

We're selling our queens for the first time this year, and we want you to have them! For 2019, we will be selling our local survivor queens for $35 each. Prices will increase to standard local survivor queen rates in 2020.

Our honey bee queens are produced from our most productive, mite resistant, and gentle hives from the previous years, with preference being given to queen mothers who have survived multiple winters.  All queens are open mated in the Seattle area, so color, productivity, mite resistance, and temperament of specific daughter queens will vary.

Our queens are maintained in mating nucs until they are introduced into a new hive.  Keeping them laying in nucs ensures that your queen's pheromones are strong when she is introduced into a new colony, increasing her acceptance rate.  

Queens are generally available from June through August, weather dependent.  Please email peter@rainydaybees.com for availability at any other times.

  • Pickup in Shoreline or Carnation.  We do not ship bees.
  • Be sure to enter your preferred contact information during checkout so that we can schedule your pickup!
  • Queens will be provided in JZ-BZ queen cages with candy, and can be introduced into the hive in their cage, allowing the bees to chew them out.
  • Because we prefer to keep queens in nucs rather than banked, we have very limited numbers of queens in the city.  Same day pickups, if desired, are most likely to be possible on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Email for same day availability on other days, if needed.

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