Corporate Beekeeping & Apiary Management

Local Commercial Full-Service Beekeeping Services

We install and manage honeybee hives on rooftops and backyards across Seattle. Get the benefits of honeybees for your tenants, and we do all the work.

  • Delight your tenants with ultra local honey from your building’s rooftop.
  • Provide educational experiences for your tenants to connect with local flora and bees, and taste the unique honey from your building.
  • Gain or maintain credits toward LEED or Living Building Challenge certification, and utilize honeybees and local honey as a tenant amenity.

Why Rainy Day Bees?

Local experts who put the bees first. With over 30+ hive inspections per year and a decade of urban beekeeping experience in Seattle, we prioritize the well-being of the bees with a focus on being good neighbors.

Rooted in Seattle. We have a proven track record of connecting Seattle-area communities to their neighborhood and local food systems through ultra local honey and beehives, and our beekeeping programs are designed around the unique weather and seasons of Seattle.

Connected to the Community. With a strong local farmers market and educational presence, Rainy Day Bees shares the wonder of honey bees and other pollinators with our clients, their neighbors, and the community at large.

2022-2023 Corporate Client Yields

  • Average Corporate Client Yield (2 hives): 130 lbs
  • Median Corporate Client Yield (2 hives): 95 lbs
  • Range: 46-348 lbs a year (23-174 lbs/hive)
  • Non-Rainy Day Bees Local Average: 20 lbs per hive

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