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Get suited up and get into a beehive! Beehive Tours in Shoreline, WA resuming end of June. We can't wait to get you into a beehive.

Bee Experience

Enter into our private backyard apiary and experience what it's like to take care of bees in this unique setting. After an intro to bees and beekeeping, we'll put on full beekeeping suits (covered head to ankle) and dive into the hives. Learn to identify the queen and see what a beekeeper looks for to make sure the hive is healthy and strong. After working a few hives, we'll end with a honey tasting where you'll get to compare the flavor profiles of different neighborhood-specific honeys we produce. They really do taste different! Leave with your own taster of this unique and complex honey.

  • A small group experience! Group max size is 8 people.
  • Want to book an experience with someone younger than 12? Contact us to book a private experience.
  • Birthday party, corporate team building, or bachelor party, we've got you covered with a very unique experience. Let us know what you are wanting to build and we can customize through extra team building time or an added mead tasting.

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