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We are a small family-run business that tends beehives in backyards in Seattle and all over King County to bring you ultra local pure raw honey, bottled by neighborhood. Want to learn more about bees? Become a hive host, attend a beekeeping experience or join a class!

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You can live in the city and still have honey harvested from your neighborhood! We sell honey from neighborhoods all over Seattle and Shoreline. In addition to bottled honey, you will find tasty creamed honey and beautiful eco-friendly homemade beeswax candles. And if you want to harvest your own honey, we also sell bees.

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From $ 16.00

Nordic Spice Creamed Raw Honey

Nordic Spice Creamed Raw Honey

From $ 18.00

Creamed Honey Trio

Creamed Honey Trio

$ 32.00

Honey Hot Cocoa

Honey Hot Cocoa

$ 20.00

Raw Bee Pollen

Raw Bee Pollen

$ 16.00

Round Comb Honey
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Round Comb Honey

$ 28.00

Our Team

It's a group effort to take care of all these honeybees and make tasty local honey.


Our neighborhood honeys are from backyards in the greater Seattle area, all labeled by neighborhood so you know their exact location. Our farm and forestry honeys give the closest landmark!

A few of our honeys like Nordic Spiced Creamed Honey and Honey Hot Cocoa are made in collaboration with other local beekeepers. All of the honey is from Western Washington.

There is no organic certification process for honey in the United States, and therefore it is illegal to call honey that was produced in the United States "organic"! If you see honey labeled "organic" it's either from another country or mislabeled.

That said, our honey is all raw, unfiltered, and all the things you want out of sustainable local honey (and yes, we follow general organic practices in our beekeeping, though those are not officially defined in the United States).

We always do free-local pickup at our workshop in Shoreline, WA and we ship all over the US! From June-October you can find us at Shoreline and Magnolia Farmers Markets.

You can also find us in some stores. You can find our stockists list here.