Residential Hive Sponsorship

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Residential Hive Sponsorship

Residential Hive Sponsorship

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If you love bees and want to support our urban pollinators (and beekeepers), but don't have the space to host hives yourself, this might be the perfect way to get involved.

Beekeeping in the city isn't cheap (for us to do), and we frequently have people that want to host hives, but don't have the financial resources to pay for hosting. If you sponsor a hive, your sponsorship will be directly credited to help someone else pay for hosting. Hive sponsorships are not tax deductible. Sorry. But you are helping another person, helping the bees, and helping support our local food system through training, experience, and income for local beekeepers.

Residential Hive Sponsorship program:

  • For those who can't host themselves, but want to support our urban bees and beekeepers.
  • Your sponsorship will be directly credited to hosts who can't afford the standard hosting fee, but have space and want bees

Residential Hive Sponsorship benefits:

  • Gift bag dependent on sponsorship level
    • Silver Sponsorship: Honey and candle gift bag (RDB's choice, $50 value)
    • Gold Sponsorship: Everything above plus a collection of Rainy Day Bees merchandise (could include: hoody, reusable bag, hat, etc.) ($100 total value)
    • Half Annual Fee Sponsorship: Everything above plus a candlemaking experience at our facility in Shoreline for up to 2 people, scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, usually in the fall ($300 total value)
    • Full Annual Fee Sponsorship: Everything above plus a private beekeeping experience for up to 4 people and honey house tour at our facility in Shoreline, scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time ($700 total value)
  • Harvest party invitation. You love bees, we love bees. We host a party for our hive hosts, hive sponsors, and neighbors once a year to celebrate the bees, the harvest, and each other.

We are a family-run business bringing you ultra local honey that is raw and unfiltered. This is as close to straight from the backyard hive as you can get! All our honey is from the Seattle area and extracted and bottled in our workshop in the North City neighborhood of Shoreline.