Raw Bee Pollen from near Seattle
Raw Bee Pollen
Raw Bee Pollen from Rainy Day Bees in Shoreline
Raw Bee Pollen from Rainy Day Bees
Raw Bee Pollen from Rainy Day Bees

Raw Bee Pollen

$ 20.00

Harvesting now! We’ve expanded our pollen production this year into backyards all over Seattle and Shoreline.

We do not ship raw pollen. During checkout, select "Pick Up". You will not be able to proceed with your order if you select "Ship". Apologies for the incovenience, but it's the best way to give you the best product!

Raw bee pollen from our hives in backyards in Seattle and Shoreline, Washington. This raw and ultra local pollen is fresh (not dried) and has a floral and earthy flavor. Thank you for supporting a local small family business!

Sprinkle a teaspoon of raw pollen on your morning yogurt or smoothie.

Pollen colors will vary by season. Bee pollen is eaten as a nutritional supplement, as well as for allergies.

Note:  Pollen is a highly concentrated allergen. Start with 2 granules and work up to a teaspoon as allergic reactions do happen.

Store in the refrigerator or freezer for longest shelf life.

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