Nucleus Hive Orders

$ 220.00

*Prices include sales tax.  If you are an eligible apiarist under Washington State law, please email for tax exempt purchases.

5 deep frames or 8 medium frames of healthy bees, brood, and honey in a disposable or reusable nuc box. No box returns necessary. Nucleus hives must be picked up in either Shoreline or Carnation. We do not ship bees.

  • Early Nucs are usually available for pickup in March. Early nucs are the absolute soonest that it is possible to get bees in the year. We won't promise anything, but you have a very good chance of making a honey crop your first year with an early nuc. They are very dependent on weather and winter survival rates, and may not be available every year. If we cannot fulfill your Early Nuc order, your order will be changed to a Spring Nuc (pickup in mid-to-late April). 

  • Summer Nucs are available on an as requested basis. Nucs will be made up from our honey bee stock, using a local queen, when ordered. Depending on the time of year, this can cause up to a 4 week turnaround from time of order, as we want to be certain that the nuc is healthy and the new queen is producing well. Email for availability and timing.

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