Nucleus Hive Orders - Randy Oliver

$ 200.00

Now accepting orders for Spring 2020!

5 deep frames healthy bees, brood, honey, and a queen in a  reusable plastic nuc box. The Olivers' nucs' queens are raised in their nuc, so you will never get an unaccepted queen in a cage. We include 1 pound of pollen supplement to be fed to the bees during poor weather. No box returns necessary. Nucleus hives must be picked up in Shoreline, Carnation, or Monroe. We do not ship bees.

These nucleus hives come from Eric, Ian, and Randy Oliver, of Golden West Apiaries and The Olivers keep their bees in the foothills of northern California. While it's not Washington, the bees experience the full range of weather, and adapt well to our area. We've used the Olivers' nucs ourselves for the last 4 years, and they have done a terrific job with both survival and honey production in our cold, wet, unpredictable Puget Sound climate.

Randy Oliver is known for his honey bee research, and it shows in the bees that he and his sons raise. They are productive, gentle, and have a reasonable degree of mite resistance (NOT mite immunity). If well managed, the Olivers' nucleus hives will serve you well for many years.

  • The Olivers' nucleus hives are usually available for pickup in mid April. While it's a bit later than an overwintered nuc, as they have current year queens, we're still among the first to have top quality nucleus hives available in Washington. These nucs have a good chance of making a honey crop if you can provide them with drawn comb for the brood boxes, and even have a chance of making a honey crop if placed on foundation, as long as you feed them heavily before the blackberry flow to allow them to build their comb.

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