Nucleus Hive Orders - Locally Raised

$ 250.00

We will not have any overwintered Locally Raised nucleus hives available for sale in 2020. Nucleus hives with locally raised queens will be available this summer, once conditions are good for queen rearing.

5 deep frames or 8 medium frames of healthy bees, brood, honey, and a queen. Our nucs' queens are raised in their nuc and get to lay for an extended period, so you will never get an unaccepted queen in a cage. Overwintered and Spring nucs also include 1 pound of pollen supplement to be fed to the bees during poor weather. No box returns necessary on Deep nucs. Medium nucs will come in a plywood nuc box, which we would like back (price includes $10 deposit). Nucleus hives must be picked up in Shoreline, Carnation, or Monroe. We do not ship bees.

These nucs are raised by Rainy Day Bees in Carnation and Monroe.

  • Our overwintered nucleus hives are often available for pickup in March. Overwintered nucs are the absolute soonest that it is possible to get bees in the year, as they are overwintered from the previous summer. We won't promise anything, but you have a very good chance of making a honey crop your first year with an overwintered nucleus hive. Because they have a second year queen, overwintered nucs are a little more prone to swarming than spring or summer nucs, and may benefit from requeening before winter. Availability is very dependent on weather and winter survival rates, and sometimes there just aren't enough to sell.
  • Summer nucleus hives are usually available from late June through September. Summer nucs are made up from our honey bee stock, using a local queen. Please email to confirm availability and timing.

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