Beekeeper Needed!

Beekeeper Needed!

We're looking for a couple beekeepers to help us with our city hives this year! Sound like something you'd want to do? I'm going to start out talking about the job a little bit, but the official job description is down at the bottom of the page, if you want to skip forward.

Beekeepers wanted


As you may know, we put hives in people's backyards in North Seattle and Shoreline. This year, we're expanding, and that means that Peter won't be able to manage all of the hives himself. Each Rainy Day Bees beekeeper will be assigned one or more neighborhoods to manage, depending on the amount of hours that they want to work. Each neighborhood contains 8 hives divided between 4 yards. Management time per neighborhood is generally 2-4 hours per week. Some hours at our farm apiaries in Carnation and Monroe may also be available if desired.

In the spring (March through June), beekeepers will be expected to visit their hives once a week for swarm control. During those visits they will also ensure that the bees are healthy, have plenty of space inside the hive for brood, bees, and honey, and add supers if needed.

Once swarm season is over, beekeepers will continue to visit their hives every other week through September. During this part of the season they will continue to ensure that the bees are healthy and have ample space for brood and honey. They will test their hives for mites in late July/early August, and will submit those numbers to Peter so that the hives can be treated if necessary. Some hives may also need to be fed.

The beekeeping season ends in early October, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the work does. We will continue to have hours building equipment, running markets, and making candles for those who want to keep working in the off season.

We're hiring beekeepers

For the official beekeeper positions, we are looking for beekeepers with a minimum of one year of experience. We may also have a few apprentice type positions available for those who are interested, but don't have experience working with bees. Beekeepers and beekeepers-in-training will be expected to use their own protective equipment, hive tool, and smoker. All other equipment will be provided by Rainy Day Bees.

Sound like you? Here's the official job description:

Fund your beekeeping hobby/addiction!

Urban beekeeping company seeks part-time beekeeper(s) to help with hive maintenance in Seattle and/or Shoreline from April-September. Multiple options available, ranging from 4-20 beekeeping hours per week. We are growing, and for the right person this could become a full time position in 2020.

The beekeeper’s primary duty is to maintain honey bee hives in Seattle and/or Shoreline. Maintenance includes swarm prevention and control, disease identification, mite testing, and queen replacement if/when necessary. Self-starting and problem solving skills are a necessity. Job involves frequent interactions with non-beekeepers, so a friendly demeanor and the ability to remain calm around people who may be frightened, while also being surrounded by tens of thousands of stinging insects, is also important.

Must be able to lift at least 60 pounds regularly, which is the weight of a single box of honey. Must have access to a vehicle, and the ability to transport hive equipment (boxes, frames, etc.) between our apiaries and our main facility in Shoreline. This generally requires either a hatch back car/SUV or a truck.

Minimum one year beekeeping experience. For backyard beekeepers, two years experience or Apprentice Beekeeper certification through the Washington State Beekeepers Association is recommended.

$15-$20 an hour, DOE.

Email with resume and one paragraph about your beekeeping experience (or knowledge, desire, etc. if no experience).

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