Chocolate Covered Strawberry with Honey Hot Cocoa

The Easiest Summer Potluck Dessert

Working summer weekends at the Farmers Market we are all about easy and tasty potluck items. Whether it's freshly made mozzarella cheese and a baguette or a flat of berries, the bounty from the market makes it easy to bring something that requires no prep to a party. So, we are pretty excited for this no prep, no cook way to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Take a jar of Honey Hot Cocoa and set it next to a carton of strawberries. That's it. You did it. Ok, maybe a spoon would be good too. The Honey Hot Cocoa mix is intensely rich with organic fair trade cocoa powder, sweetened with honey, and pairs perfectly with farmers market fresh strawberries.

We find that our Honey Hot Cocoa has a great texture for dipping on a warm day. If you're in an air conditioned space or it's winter, you might need to warm the cocoa a bit to get that dipping consistency.

Peter has wonderful memories of his mom making chocolate covered strawberries for parties, and the taste reminds him of childhood. Now you can enjoy it on a picnic without the prep!




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